Politically correct responses

New Phrase Old Meaning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm certain that's not feasible No fucking way! Really? You've got to be shitting me Perhaps you should check with... Tell someone who gives a fuck Of course I am concerned. Ask me if I give a fuck I wasn't involved with that project. It's not my fucking problem Interesting behavior. What the fuck? I'm not sure I can implement this. Fuck it, it won't work I'll try to schedule that Why the fuck didn't you tell me sooner? Perhaps I can work late When the fuck do you expect this done? Are you sure this is a problem? Who the fuck cares? He's not familiar with the problem He's got his head up his ass You don't say? Eat shit. Excuse me? Eat shit and die. Excuse me Sir? Eat shit and die mother fucker. They weren't happy with it? What the fuck do they want from my life So you'd like my help with it? Kiss my ass. I'm a bit overloaded at the moment Fuck it. I'm salary. I don't think you understand. Shove it up your ass. I love a challenge. This job sucks. You want me to take care of this? Who the hell died and made YOU boss? I see. Blow me. Do you see? Blow yourself. Yes, we really should discuss this. Another fucking telecon! I don't think it would be a problem. I really don't give a shit. He's somewhat insensitive. He's a fucking prick! She's an aggressive go-getter. She's a ball-busting bitch I think you could use more training. Buy a fucking clue. We're a little disorganized. This place is all fucked up.

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